Fan fiction Legend of Predators Yautja - the first story

Author: Sergey aka Brickpredator, translated from Russian into English using Google translator :)


video in Russian - Subtitles: English:

Our days, in one of the small towns somewhere in the central states of America.


I'm waiting! I'm waiting. I've been waiting a very long time. I'm watching him. I know he is in the house. Through the windows, I watch him move around his house, but he doesn't go anywhere. He doesn't even go out for mail!

The second day he is just in the house. I'm waiting. He doesn't even go out into the backyard. He is always inside the house, listening to music, reading. He is always alone, leads a reclusive life, and does not leave the house. Then I decide to somehow lure him out. I need to get into the house.

A car drives up to a neighboring house, and a man gets out of it, holding a net with fish in his hands. He leaves the case with fishing rods near the car and goes to his house. At this time, I take one of the fishing rods. In the neighboring yard there is a ringing laugh, children are playing there. I thread the fishing line behind the fence board in such a way that I hook on to the window with a hook, and stand at the front door myself, pulling the fishing line. Constant monotonous sounds can piss anyone off. I stand in front of his house, in front of his front door, and I pull on an almost invisible fishing line. The spinner monotonously knocks on the glass.

I can't see him, but I can hear his steps. After some time, his patience ends, the door opens, and he goes out into the street. A tall man, much older, but still in good physical shape, graying, with a thick beard that makes it difficult to recognize him ... But yes, this is him ... "Dutch", Alan "Dutch" Schaefer. He rounds the corner of the house, notices the fishing line, pulls on it and tears off the suspended bait.

-Hooligans! - he says, looking reproachfully towards the neighboring children laughing behind the fence, thinking that it is them.

At this time, I quietly enter the house. The moment Dutch returns and closes the door behind me, I take off my invisibility camouflage. Turning around, "Dutch" abruptly jumps back in surprise, pressing himself against the door and spreading his arms.

Pressing against the door and looking around, he looks first at the bat standing in the corner, then at the gun hanging on the wall. Confused, looking for a way out of a dangerous situation, he exhales: “pub-pu-puboo”.

At this time, I decide to speak: "Do not be afraid, I have come in peace!"

- You understand me? Dutch asks in surprise.

- Yes! Alan "Dutch" Schaefer, I reply.

- Do you know my name? Who are you? What do you need? he asks.

- My name may seem difficult for you to pronounce, you can call me Legal. I came in peace to pay tribute! Calm down, - I tell him, - I did not come to kill you, You are not my rival! I've come to restore justice!

- What kind of justice are we talking about? Alan asks, looking at the gun.

- In 1987, you defeated one of us, but you never received a well-deserved trophy! And according to our rules, the winner should receive a trophy!

I offer him the wooden sword Gladius. The sword my ancestor earned in the gladiator fights in Rome. Gladius symbolized and confirmed the freedom from slavery of the one who owned it.

  - That's all, - I say, passing the wooden sword to Alan - now I have to go.

  - Stop! - exclaims Alan, - I do not need anything, no trophies! I need to know! For many years I have been looking for answers to the questions: Who are you? Where you came from? What the hell are you after all?

  - You don't want a trophy? I ask him in surprise.

- No! Don't want! he replies confidently, “I just need to find out who you are while I'm still alive. It haunts me that I cannot understand what I am facing.

- What exactly would you like to know? - I ask, sighing, - I don't have much time.

  - I want to know everything! - says Alan, - I'm ready to swear that no one will know anything except me. This is only for me.

- Well, - I think a little, I say, - I'll tell you what I can do.

- Let at least so, - nervously speaks Alan.

- We know our history from the scriptures that have always been available to us. The first generation of Hunters was created by the Creators. They once lived on the planet Yau-Ten. But terrible cataclysms began on the planet: global climate change, wars, radiation and famine. Then the Creators thought about how to save life on the planet and the memory of civilization. They created our ancestors in order to preserve at least some intelligent life on the planet Yau-Ten. On the basis of their genome, through experiments, the Creators endowed them with the ability to survive in any conditions of life, well, perhaps with the exception of a catastrophe if the planet is torn to shreds. The Creators themselves could not adapt to the new conditions, and gradually only our ancestors remained on the planet. The first generation lived as one clan of Hunters, but the global melting of glaciers began, and two huge landmasses formed on the planet. So the common clan was divided by water. Although we can swim well, the water was teeming with sea creatures that ate everything that fell into the water. Different climate conditions on the land forced the ancestors to adapt, they began to change. There are 2 different races...

- So you're just artificially created heartless creatures? Alan interrupts.

- Well, why not? We have two hearts, I answer, one in the head, which is responsible for the brain and gene changes, and the other is responsible for blood and metabolism.

 - Two hearts? Alan exclaims in shock.

We are predators and adapt by hunting. If we defeat the enemy, then we take the best from him, - I say.

- How is that?? Alan asks.

- We are born with a minimal set of skills, and further develop through hunting and borrowing the skills of victims. We are looking for a prey adapted to the conditions and kill it. The fluid extracted from the victim, the brain and back of the brain are rubbed into the processes on the head, which absorb the macromolecule that enters our brain.

We can no longer control the process. If the brain decides that a change in the genetic program will benefit the hunter, then the obtained and processed useful parts of the macromolecules are integrated into our genome and after some time, the body is borrowed and completely transformed. We change, adapting to the environment, reacting to new conditions in the same way as the indigenous inhabitants of the planet. But in order to completely change the species, it is necessary that three generations of Hunters live on this planet and absorb the macromolecule of the victims. This is how different species arise, and each of us is a unique hunter.

- Adaptable to any conditions hunters - smart! - Alan said thoughtfully - that is, you are not just hunting for trophies?

- Yes and no. Trophies are good, but it's just to keep fit, training. The main thing is the hunt to upgrade ourselves, we are developing in this way, expanding our habitats and making ourselves better. Theoretically, we are immortal.

- But…. If it bleeds, we can kill it. – affirmatively said “Dutch”.

- Not so simple. Bacteria, poisons, radiation, magnetic fields, nothing affects us. You can't kill the mind by hurting the body. Yes, you can paralyze by killing the body, but only the destruction of the brain leads to complete death. If the Code had allowed head transformation, then I would have gotten involved with the Ancestors and might never have become a Codex Keeper. Therefore, we protect our heads thoroughly and only in front of a worthy opponent we remove the mask in tribute, thus indicating that in the event of a hunter's victory, certain skills will be borrowed. If you want to become significant, fight a strong opponent.

- But…. According to this logic, if you want to become smarter, you can arrange a terror for scientists and scientists who do not pay attention to physical data, Dutch retorted.

- Yes, sometimes "meat grinders" happen, but this is not from a great mind, - I answered.

- Aren't you afraid to teach me all this? “Dutch” suddenly asked with a strange smile.

- The man who was caught like a fish wants to challenge Ordox? Do not flatter yourself - the rabbit is not a rival to the boa constrictor, you are wasting time.

- "Ok," "Dutch" said, also with a frozen smile.

So, - I continue, - our ancestors began to live separately into two parts of the land, where, under the influence of local conditions and different climates, over the years two races were formed - Yaudu and Yaudza. Occasionally, they communicated with each other through a narrow strait between the continents, until one day a strange glow appeared in the sky. It seemed closer and closer, and the ancestors of some huge mechanism. He descended from heaven and stood like a surface way between two lands. Creatures from the deep sea immediately attacked him, but the mechanism instantly destroyed them with a type of weapon unknown to us. The surface way looked like a tunnel above the water, an overland way, when approaching the entrance of which, incorporeal ghosts appeared, saying that the surface way was a gift from the sky "Bridge of Connections".

Surprisingly, our ancestors still differed, and did not recognize the intonation of the message. The ghosts said that it was safe to use the bridge and cross from mainland to mainland. So the two peoples of our ancestors can be brewed. The ghosts have reported that they are moving us from heaven and that they want to make contact with us. We know from the scriptures that the Creators prophesied for us the possibility of conquering other planets.

So our ancestors gave the signal and he was the listener. Soon a flying mechanism descended to our planet without any identification marks, except for a drawing in the form of a skull with horns. Five supreme beings came out of it. So in the scriptures the Creators called those who can move across the sky. Their body was hidden by ordinary black cloaks, and the headdress was closed so that their faces were not visible. One of them announced them ahead and said: "We have arrived in peace on your planet." He stated that they were representatives of Mandalore. And besides the gift of the Bridge of Connection, they have many more gifts for us. Our ancestors, after conferring, decided to extend the continuation of communication with them, their history of origin is not known, with those who hide their faces, hiding their true intentions. They said in response: “Thank you for the priceless gift, but your faces are hidden from us! We can't trust those, her face can't be seen."

Then one of the Supreme raised his hands and took off his black helmet with a gold stripe. Under the protective armor sat a small humanoid with burning eyes, who said - We are Jawas! I am the chief among us, I am the Viceroy.

In our language, "Ja" means "heavenly", "Wa" means "garbage". What the Elders told the Viceroy.

To which he answered without embarrassment: "Yes, we are heavenly scavengers."

"Tell us your story, Jawa!" our ancestors asked, and the Viceroy began his story...

Author: Sergey aka Brickpredator