Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!

Aunts and Uncles, Brothers and Sisters!

Hi Friends!

All of us, one way or another, face various difficulties in life and are looking for ways and options to overcome them.

Due to the current circumstances, sanctions and bans imposed against my Country,

as well as the unstable economic situation in the world: The project has actually become unprofitable for me.

I made a difficult decision.

On this domain, I leave the Archive of Exclusive Sets, an archive of everything that I have done since 2017.

and the FAQ&Blog section, where I will publish my Theories and Legends. I am adding a section with Unique Sets.

I transfer the main store to the Russian-language domain

hier everything is in Russian and prices are in Russian rubles.

I do not exclude that to view the site in the domain zone of RU you will need to use VPN

current exchange rates can be viewed in the search engine:

RUB to USD exchange rate

RUB to EURO exchange rate

Personal invoices for payment will continue to be issued in PayPal. Payment currency to choose: EURO or USD at the current exchange rate.

In any case, the site is NOT working fully now, making a purchase online will not work.

The shopping cart on the site is working normally, but the site itself is under manual administration, so I will tell you how to place an order:

1 way: - add the items you need to the cart, take a screenshot of the items in the cart and send it to me by email

2 way: - you make a list of necessary gizmos and send me an email


- I check the availability, reserve the goods, complete the order and send it to you by the chosen method

- there are many payment and delivery options, I think we will individually agree on how best and more convenient to do it.

So far, only in this way, I hope everything stabilizes and the site will work in a normal, full-fledged mode. Perhaps in the future I will return the main store to this domain.

For prompt communication on specific Orders and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to write to me in telegram: @brickpredator or email. Thx :)

Best regards, Sergey aka BrickPredator