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LEGO Toys on Instagram: Cute Hobby

Ola, my friends! I’m so glad to welcome you in the community of dedicated enthusiasts who love everything extraordinary and unusual.

Short introduction: It was a casual evening… My son was playing his LEGO construction toys. Suddenly a brilliant idea came right up to my mind!

The Idea of Creating New Instagram Account

We can choose from a wide selection of different LEGO toys. The selection of topics is rather vast. Unfortunately, they can hardly meet our expectations when it comes to durability. Theywearoffwhenplayingtoomuch. The only way to keep themin original conditions is to make photos. So, here I am with my camera and first LEGO photos for a new Instagram account.

Unlike humans, LEGO toys are perfect candidates to make photos. They can stay motionless for as much time as you need. Moreover, they do not have long-listing riders like poplar celebs and models. However, making good photos is not as easy as it may seem.

First of all, making good photos requires some skills and knowledge especially when it comes to light, decorations and other elements that form the overall picture. Of course, you can simply make photos using bokeh vectors for background (a very capturing techniques used by many photographers). A different think is macro photography when you need to shoot some small details and components making them stay in the focus all together. Bracketing can be a good solution to the problem. It requires making photos of the same object from different angles and with different settings later processed in Photoshop and combined in one image. Sounds like tough challenge, doesn’t it? And what should we do with all those photos? Despite the fact, I am far from being a professional photographer. I made numerous efforts to make them. Moreover, I was sure someone would certainly appreciate my approach. For this reason, I strongly decided to share my work on public.

What Is the Best Place for Sharing Photos?

Socialnetworks. OfcourseandInstagramin particular. It is probably the best social platform for sharing images, photos and other content. Videos are also becoming a new modern trend there. I bet you know about this network or even have your own accounts there.

Creating a LEGO photo account on Instagram sounds like a great idea, doesn’t it? The whole process would hardly take more than 15 minutes. Easy registration process and vu a la! I used LegoLegatus as a nickname, found a good profile photo and wrote my first post: “LEGO toys photos. I wish I could go back to my childhood. Unfortunately, we cannot travelintime. Forthisreason, LEGO. Mini toys.” I added some custom emoji (special smileys used by messengers and other services available on both mobile and web platforms). Then came the release.

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How to Promote A New Instagram Account?

Using hashtags, of course. This is the only way to attract more attention to your social account considering the fact that we are far from being popular celebrities.

The words are used as marks letting users find accounts that refer to particular topics featuring topical photos. They work similarly to traditional keywords we use when surfing the net in search of a necessary website.

Now we need to form the list of topical hashtags that refer to LEGO. This is where I had to do some research and check some of the most popular hashtags. I was overwhelmed to find out that I was not the only one with such ideas. There are tons of LEGO constructors on Instagram! So, you need something to stand out from them.

Imagine my surprise to reveal an enormous army of LEGO enthusiasts from different countries across the globe. They include professional communities as well as groups of beginners of all levels. They all represent a global LEGO photo industry with a variety of topics. LEGO maniacs. I also share the same passion and 100% sure it is good to have such a strong dedication, which makes you a good person. If you also want to get involved in the topic, you can benefit from our handy advices based on real life experience. We will let you avoid common mistakes people make when getting started.