Легенда IX. "Надежда на свободу"

Друзья, я решил познакомить вас со своим видением истории Хищников. Поделюсь с тобой моей маленькой вселенной, если хочешь:) Я буду публиковать истории в своем блоге на русском и английском языках постепенно в виде взаимосвязанных легенд. Я буду рад видеть ваши отзывы. Я не профессиональный писатель, но надеюсь, вам это понравится. Приятного чтения.

Legend IX. "Hope for freedom"

Friends, I decided to introduce you to my vision of the history of Predators. Share my little universe with you if you want :) I will publish stories in my blog in Russian and English gradually in the form of interconnected Legends. I will be glad to see your feedback. I'm not a professional writer, but I hope you like it. Enjoy reading.

Backgrounds for display cases BEE and WASP

Backgrounds for display cases BEE and WASP system SOT-A-SET

Backgrounds for display cases HORNET and BUMBLEBEE

Backgrounds for display cases HORNET and BUMBLEBEE system SOT-A-SET

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Is it exactly made of metal?

Metal accessories for Lego minifigures - what is your evidence that this is real metal?

What is the difference between a mask (helmet) and bio-mask?

Lego Predator Minifigures Custom

Predator Mask (helmet) and Bio-Mask Predator - what's the difference?

Brick Predator MiniFigures Lego Custom

Here is a mini-review of the first five minifigures and a small photo gallery.

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Real Facts behind the Celtic Predator. Theory

Hey, guys! Its Brick Predator and this time I am going to tell you the true story of Celtic Predator starting from 1904 featuring the events described in the Alien vs Predator movie. My friend Paxton shared some theoretical thoughts and I tend to agree with him. 

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The PREDATOR LEGO Movie Custom Trailer #1

In total, the creation of a video on the main page took about 14 days. :)

I was deeply involved in the process, even the laser beam was divided into three, like the sight of these Predators. I hope you enjoy this video.

Legend of the Bone Hunter

Dutch: What the hell *are* you?

The Predator: What the hell are *you*?

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We have finally created our Instagram account for sharing LEGO toys photos. It’s high time we created a list of hashtags that refer to our topic. We need to sort out some of the best hashtags to increase the level of recognition and hit the headlines.

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LEGO Toys on Instagram: Cute Hobby Ola, my friends! I’m so glad to welcome you in the community of dedicated enthusiasts who love ...

Release 09/22/2017

Custom Lego Predator Minifigure | Release Hello Everyone! My name is Sergey, I am a devoted fan of both LEGO and Predator. I have always dreamt to have Predator figure in my collection. Surfing the...