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The movie could make some of you think that three of the Yauitja race were young predators as assumed in the film. At the same time, there was also a clause hinting at the fact that not all hieroglyphs were translated. For this reason, the interpretation of the main idea is quite different. Today, we will try to figure out all facts begin the predators’ race. Let me startfrom the origins of the AvP universe.

Predators came to our planet in ancient times when people were pretty weak and wild. Humans were simply not good for hunting. However, Predators decided people could still be useful for other purposes. They taught us construction and shared other crucial knowledge that boosted further development of human civilization.

Predators created a new religion making themselves gods. Once in a hundred years, they came to our planet to initiate the Great Hunt. Predators picked some of the strongest humans to use them as incubators for growing xenomorphs to become their prey. Every time three young-blooded predators completed the initiatory rite. However, the process was completely different from what we have seen in the movie. They did not have spears or armor. Youngsters could rely only on their wrist blades and skills. That was the only way for them to become warriors and receive a shouldercannon.

Thetraditionrepeatedseveralthousandyearsinarow.But once everything got out of control. The nuclear explosion destroyed the entire civilization. The Pyramid appeared to be the only construction that survived with shoulder cannons hidden inside. Moreover, the Pyramid appeared to be the last shelter for the Alien Queen prisoned inside the labyrinth deep under the construction.

A few facts about the Pyramid. It was built using technologies shared by predators. This is why it actually stayed safe and sound after the explosion. Why was it ruined in the Alien vs Predator movie? Because this time the explosion took place inside the construction. The pyramid featured an automated mechanism that activated the construction once in a hundred years. Nothing is known about the energy source that powered the Pyramid. Let’s say they used the same technology as in predators space ship engines that could work for thousands of years.

Summing up,it is clear how aliens could get inside the pyramid. They were the main prey for young-blooded predators. But what has actually happened in 2004? Wasthatanotherinitiatoryrite?

To figure that out, we need to explain the history behind the Celtic predator character 10 years before the events described in the movie.

Celtic was an elite warrior who has made a name for itself. He had a good reputation among other predators and taught youngsters.

Once upon a time, the chief predator told Celtic there was a pyramid for initiatory rites located on Earth. By the way, you could see the chief at the end of the movie. The reason predators could not detect it earlier was the fatAntarctica is covered with ice. Buy rapid technological development resulted in increased temperature and severe climate changes. Ice became thinner letting predators detect the signal transmitted by the pyramid.

Why did not they come earlier? Well, ancient people were hardly a threat due to the lack of knowledge and skills. Even if Aborigines could make it and get to the Pyramid with a hidden weapon, they would hardly figure out how to use it. Butby 1904 people have already inventedengines, electricity,radio transmission, etc. The technological niche was developing vastly.

Predators decided to get their weapon back. And the only way to get inside is when Pyramid is activated. Celtic Predator received an order to bring lost technology back. As an experienced warrior, he got three young-blooded predators under his command to traveled to Earth and accomplish the mission.

Just like in 2004, they made a deep hole under the ice. Celtic kept an eye on the situation from the orbit. After detecting the whole, Norwegian exporters were extremely curious about what was going on inside. The decision to go down and accidentally activated the pyramid mechanism, Bad news was that activation awakened the Alien Queen as well.

In other words, the Queen is awake only after the Pyramid activation but not once in 100 years. In 1904, it was her first awakening after the nuclear explosion.

Aliens were breeding rapidly and killed everyone who got inside the pyramid. Hey eventually made their way to the surface. Predators who came only to bring the lost weapon back were not ready for such a battle. Young-blooded warriors were defeated. Celtic had no idea people would go inside and awake the Queen. Once all three young predators have been killed, the Pyramid completed the cycle and was automatically deactivated for the next 100 years.

It was decided to send an experienced warrior to clean up the mess. It could be the Wolf Predator. He eliminated all aliens and got back to his ship. Celtic had to take responsibility for the failure. He was accused of poor training and degraded to a common warrior.

One hundred years passed. In 2004, the Pyramid was activated and started emitting heat. Predators decided to make another effort to bring their lost technologies back and prevent it from getting into the wrong hands. People got cleverer if compared with 1904. The Chief picked three warriors. However, Celtic interfered claiming that it was his duty to complete the mission. He wanted to pay for this brothers deaths.

It was unnatural for predators to oppose the Chief’s decision. Once again, Celticwas punished though he got a chance to return to earth and complete the mission wearing the lightest armor and weapon that could hardly help in the battle with xenomorphs. As for the other three predators, they did not have shoulder cannons through they got an acid-resistant armor.

The campaign was the matter of honor for Celtic. He felt responsible for his brothers’ deaths. He strongly desired to accomplish the mission and get his reputation back in addition to commander status. What happened next we can learn from the Alien vs Predator movie.

According to some info, the two other predators who accompanied Celtic could be his brothers. Their names were Chopper and Scar. As for Celtic’s death, some say he lost his battle rather quickly. Idisagreewiththat. Firstofall, hedidnothaveproperarmor. It did not protect him from the alien’s blood and acid. If he had a proper weapon, he would kill packs of aliens effortlessly. I think Celtic looked pretty good at fighting aliens back.

Speaking about the alien, the screenwriters initially wanted to use the young Pretorian with the crown on its head. However, the one that fought with Celtic was much bigger and stronger if compared to his brothers from the same hive. The authors decided to leave the idea of creating a Pretorian, as it would take much time for him to grow. What I am trying to say is that alien was still pretty big and strong even for such a skillful and experienced warrior as Celtic.

As for their mission, they failed to bring the weapon back. On the other hand, it also did not get into people’s hands. The weapon was destroyed by the nuclear explosion. Speaking about the spear that was presented to Alexa Woods by the chief, the honor is the only thing that matters for predators.

The chief saw a good opponent in the face of Alexa and decided to reward her. The spear itself hardly had any technological value apart from discovering the new type of metal that could never be found on Earth. Fr this reason, we cannot seriously discuss any threat for the Predators race.

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