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Brick Predator Custom LEGO Minifigures

«Hello, LEGO world! I'm here... Haven't you heard my steps? What a fool!»

Dedicated To All Predator And MiniFigures Fans!

The iconic "Predator" movie was made in 1987. We all remember this legendary film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger (as Major Alan "Dutch" Schaefer). It was the first introduction of the alien race, also known as Yautja, on the wide screen. Truly born hunters, they like to pursue not only dangerous animals, such as xenomorphs and aliens from other isolated planets, but also humans. They do it not just for fun. They hunt to get a reward. Their trophies are usually skulls and bones of defeated enemies and victims.

All the accessories that I make are divided into the following main categories:

Predators Masks (helmet)

Bio-masks Predators

Armor of an alien race of Hunters

Predators ' ammunition: wrist blades, shoulder cannons

Yautja weapons: spears, traps and throwing ammunition

Predator Characters: custom minifigures printed onto genuine LEGO parts


The release of new movies about this unique creature let us get to know some other species better. Let's have a closer look at other types of Predators - Yautja. Here they are:

  • «Predator» (1987) - a Classic Predator (also known as the Jungle Hunter, El Diablo, Jungle Butcher, Ugly Face, Mad Scientific);
  • «Predator 2» (1990) - City Hunter and Elder;
  • «AVP: Alien vs. Predator» (2004) - Scar (classical), Celtic, Ancient;
  • «Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem» (2007) - Wolf;
  • «Predators» (2010) - classic, Berserker, Falconer, Tracker;
  • «The Predator» (2018) - Fugitive, Upgrade Predator However, the list is not full. We have some other species that are extremely popular with all predator fans. The Bone Hunter, for instance and also a female Predator
City Hunter Bronze
Warrior Armor
Aztec Bio-mask
Xenomorph Alien Skull
Bio-mask Mayan
Xeno-Queen Hunter

I just need to get it!

I decided and made my Predator. Unfortunately, LEGO refused from producing little figures displaying legendary predators. The reason may result from the company's policy in addition to the Predator's sinister look. Moreover, LEGO representatives have always claimed to be against violence and war. This is why they actually never produce figures of soldiers. It means that we should not expect LEGO Yautja in the nearest future. Luckily for all fans, there is a strong community of enthusiasts who are involved in creating small figures of LEGO Predators. I represent that community. Learn more fact about me and my project «BrickPredator». It's my hobby. The universe of AvP and Predators is huge, I have my own atmosphere here.

This website introduces an exclusive collection of masks and ammunition for Predators minifigures. I made every piece of these collections with my own hands. They are all made of metal and match original mini-figures outfit. Please, go to the FAQ & Blog to learn more.

Welcome to my little world of Predator minifigures!