About me | Brick Predator

Hi! My name is Sergey aka Brick Predator, I am AFOL and a fan of the movie "Predator". I wanted the Predator to live in my collection of Lego minifigures. Not finding the cherished minifigure, I decided to make it myself! You can see the results of my creativity on this website and in social networks.

I also share my theory about the AvP Universe and tell legends - fan fiction about Predators Yautja, that I invent myself. I am open to cooperation and will be glad to communicate with those who are also passionate about Predators. I have been customizing Lego since 2017, many ideas and plans have not yet been implemented. This is my hobby. I have no Sponsors and Patrons, everything is based on personal Enthusiasm. I use only my own funds and do it primarily for myself. If you like something from my work, you can buy it from me. Human attention is the most valuable currency in the world for a creative person. Each of your likes, comments or repost - invigorates and inspires, motivates me to continue what I started and move forward.

If you want, I can do the same for you!

Pay attention that I never do mass production. I do not make money on this, this is my hobby.

All predators are made exclusively for me and my customers friends. You can be among the few who have such a mini-figs.

How it all began? - I JUST NEED TO GET IT!

The idea of creating Predators has come to my mind in February, 2017. It took me two month to handle the pilot version of the Predator. The challenge appeared to be tougher than it seemed at first sight, as I had to spend much money on materials (I use high-quality metal for all pieces of masks, weapons and equipment). Moreover, the process appeared to be rather time-consuming. When my first Jungle Hunter mask and armor were finally ready, I was rather happy and excited at the same time. I shared the photos of my work on Instagram and was overwhelmed with a number of likes and comments. People wanted the same and asked where they could buy it. This fact encouraged me to continue my work considering some slight mistakes in my first armor. I decided to improve my figure and fix all previous pitfalls.

It should be noted that I initially made all the armor, gear and equipment only for myself. For this reason, I kept an eye on every detail in effort to make my Predator look exactly like the original version from the movie!

The second step was creating of my first Predator's wrist blades. followed by the first and second spear. Than it was time for the Bone Hunter mask. I really like that fan version.

I had to postpone the release for several times, as some small details required more attention and harder work. However, I was very satisfied with the final result although it could still generate revenues if I decided to sell it at once. Nevertheless, I still have something to offer. I would like to thank all my Instagram subscribers and everyone who supported me all this time. Thank you for your pre-orders. Today, I can finally offer my exclusive hand-made products at a reasonable prices. The main problem is that the project itself does not let me bear any fruits. I spend too much time and money to make at least one new kit of gear.

Nevertheless, I am not going to give up. I have huge plans that include creating of new armors and weapons, new masks and equipment. The universe of AvP and Predators is as huge as our imagination. For any questions feel free to contact me.



Dutch: [the Predator pulls off his mask] You're one... *ugly* motherfucker!
(c) Predator, 1987