Metal accessories for LEGO minifigures

Bio-Mask Predator

Caution of this section! ⚠️ Bio-Masks do not work separately without scalp

Scalp can be found in the minifigures section. Please pay attention to this!

What is the difference between Bio-masks and Masks (helmets)? - the answer is here

Classic Predator ABS
$4.95Ex Tax: $4.95
Bio-Mask Classic Predator ABS from the cult movie «Predator», 1987 ..
Jungle Hunter
$19.50Ex Tax: $19.50
Bio-Mask Jungle Hunter from the 1987 cult movie «Predator» ..
City Hunter
$19.50Ex Tax: $19.50
Bio-Mask City Hunter from the movie «Predator-2», 1990 ..
City Hunter Bronze
$20.00Ex Tax: $20.00
Bio-Mask City Hunter Bronze from the movie «Predator-2», 1990 ..
City Hunter Black
$23.00Ex Tax: $23.00
Bio-Mask City Hunter Black from the movie «Predator-2», 1990 ..
Tracker Predator
$19.50Ex Tax: $19.50
Bio-Mask Tracker Predator from the movie «Predators», 2010 ..
Tracker Bronze
$20.00Ex Tax: $20.00
Bio-Mask Tracker Bronze from the movie «Predators», 2010 ..
Tracker Black
$23.00Ex Tax: $23.00
Bio-Mask Tracker Black from the movie «Predators», 2010 ..
Jungle Hunter Bronze
$20.00Ex Tax: $20.00
Bio-Mask Jungle Hunter Bronze from the cult movie «Predator», 1987 ..
Falconer Predator
$19.50Ex Tax: $19.50
Bio-Mask Falconer Predator from the movie «Predators», 2010 ..
Falconer Bronze
$20.00Ex Tax: $20.00
Bio-Mask Falconer Bronze from the movie «Predators», 2010 ..
Falconer Black
$23.00Ex Tax: $23.00
Bio-Mask Falconer Black from the movie «Predators», 2010 ..