Popular LEGO hashtags for Instagram

We have finally created our Instagram account for sharing LEGO toys photos. It’s high time we created a list of hashtags that refer to our topic. We need to sort out some of the best hashtags to increase the level of recognition and hit the headlines.

It should be noted, that the times of posting photos with tons of hashtags are gone. If you opt for this promotion method, you need to consider the fact that hashtags should totally refer to the images on your photos. Otherwise, it will be of no use. Instagram has limited the number of hashtags for one photo. Today, we can use not more than 30 hashtags for one mage shared within the network.

Hashtag is a word or phrase written in one word that starts with the “#” symbol. Hashtags can be used to combine a series of photos by topic or type. They are also used for posts to link accounts from other social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

Tips to Post Hashtags on Instagram

You can use various methods. The first once includes promotion by waves. You post a photo and description supporting your post by some of the most popular Instagram hashtags like #love #style #luxury #hot #art #cute #life #girl

You can use already created hashtag lists found in the global web. Most of them are sorted by frequency. Make your post and wait for 5-15 minutes letting the first wave of user like or comment your photo. Then you need to edit your post, as 5+ million-frequency feed us updated rapidly. For this reason, you will not be able to capture the attention of users for long unless your photo gets to the list of best posts.

If your photo is really great and features a high level of users’ engagement with lots of likes and comments, there is a high chance of getting into the list of best publications. The effect will be immediate. After the first wave of engagement passes, we need to edit our description and hashtags using the ones that refer directly to our photo. They may include hashtags with less frequency. You can use different services to define the best level of frequency for your particular topic. This method is a good option for images that are potentially interesting for a wider audience. It is extremely important to choose the most appropriate time for posting content. You should never be afraid of expressing your feelings and emotions when it comes to choosing hashtags. It will make your description and posts more interesting and engaging for users.

Let’s Have A Look at Another Efficient Promotion Method with Hashtags

Posts with narrowed hashtags. If we speak of images describing LEGO toys, we need to generate an appropriate list of hashtags. The process includes posting a photo with description. Hashtags are supposed to be in the first comment to the post. On the one hand, they are not reflected in the feed and do not annoy your users. On the other hand, they still affect the search letting your audience find a necessary topic or photo. Always keep in mind that you are not allowed using more than 30 hashtags. The list can include words and phrases that refer to some related topics as well. It will make it possible to cover more directions and niches.

The only thing you need to do is to sort them out in accordance with the frequency. Divide your 30 hashtags into 3 different groups with high, medium and low frequency level. Don not forget to use your personal hashtag to increase the level of recognition.

Tips to Generate Lego Hashtags for Instagram

Let’s get it started. You can use special services or generate the list of hashtags manually. All you need it so make them based on the word “Lego”. Check out my own statistics (it was made while writing this particular article. So, do not forget to make corrections for a better accuracy): #lego - 8,5million posts. #legostagram - 615 thousand posts. #legominifigures -555 thousand, #legophotography - 553 thousand. Moreover, we should consider some combinations and groups of hashtags divided b particular topics. For example: #legotechnic - 47000, #legomovie - 262000, #legoduplo - 67000, #legofriends -100000, #legostarwars -437000. We can benefit from some related topics like #afol (an abbreviation for an old lego fan)), #afolclub, #briks ("bricks" this is how they sometimes call Lego constructors) so on, so forth.

Some hashtags refer to groups and topics featuring a high amount of subscribers and followers. If you use those hashtags, your post can be shown in their feed. They usually include the name of the brand or author making it possible to increase the level of subscribers. For example, #lego_hub #bricksinfocus #bricknetwork #brickcentral

A List of LEGO Hashtags that Will Guarantee a Huge Number of Likes and New Subscribers

In spite of all limitations, hashtags exceed 30 units. You are free to combine different phrases and words. There is always a pace for experiments. Use several hashtags lists for different photos. If you have time, you can generate the list of unique hashtags for your particular topic manually. It will let you implement a more efficient promotion on Instagram. Here is the list of hashtags:

#lego #legominifigures #legophotography #minifigures #legomania #legofan #legophoto #legogram #legostagram #legoart #legoset #legoworld #lego_hub #bricksinfocus #bricknetwork #brickcentral #legotoys #legobatman #legos #toystagram #minifig #brick_vision #brickshift #tgif_lego #toyplanet #toyslagram_lego #toptoyphotos_lego #brick_amazing #lego365 #legographerid #toycrewbuddieslego #toyartistry_lego #justanothertoygroup #toygraphyid #toydiscovery #toycrewbuddies #legobatmanmovie #legousa #TheArtofLego #AFOL #afolclub

The list includes some basic hashtags. You are free to narrow them down to fit your particular topic. It’s up to you what list to choose and how to generate your personal hashtags. We wish you good luck!

Popular LEGO hashtags for Instagram