Legend 10 Universe 1378 Yautja FanLore, FanFiction by BrickPredator

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Legend 10 Universe 1378 Yautja FanLore, FanFiction by BrickPredator

Author: Sergey aka Brickpredator, translated from Russian into English using Google translator :)


A long time ago in one of the many galaxies. 

The intergalactic autonomous ship under the banner of Mandalore completed its centuries-old journey, reaching the orbit of the planet KS1307. Local natives, intelligent inhabitants of the planet, called it Nau-Ten. The Grand Council of Elders has just ended aboard the ship, at which a decision was made by majority vote to make contact with the inhabitants of this planet. The analyzed data about the planet and its inhabitants opened up new hopes for the crew and passengers of the flagship. For successful contact with the natives, at the Council of Elders, it was decided to present the inhabitants of the planet Nau-Ten with the Great Gift in the form of a bridge between two continents. It was a new way.


  The Grand Council has just ended in the Hall of Elders. The 5 Elders who were present left the hall in turn. The Viceroy was supposed to be the last to leave, but suddenly the GAZE sphere lit up, and it swept through the hall - “And you, Viceroy, I ask you to stay!” The doors to the Hall of Elders closed, leaving the Viceroy alone with the artificial intelligence.

  The rest of the Elders weren't surprised by this turn of events, as the Viceroy often stayed in the Hall of Elders alone with the on-board computer, which was his workplace.

  The Priest and Master went about their business, preparing an appeal for the crew and passengers about upcoming events. The Chancellor approached the Admiral and asked him to give him some time.

- We need to discuss something, Admiral. Let's take a little walk and talk - suggested the Chancellor. The Admiral nodded in approval.

  Slowly, they walked through the territory of a huge ship, talking quietly to each other. For 5 thousand years of travel, nothing has changed in the atmosphere on the ship. Lighting changed day to night, maintaining the daily routine, comfortable temperature, regularity and stability in everything.

- I won’t take much of your time, and we won’t be able to get lost in the nooks and crannies of the ship! the Chancellor joked.

-Of course, we studied the whole ship as a child! The Admiral replied.

  The Admiral was clearly inspired by the upcoming events! Still would! He thought that at last the great moment for which they had been preparing all their lives had come. To him, and 4 other selected children, knowledge about the Clean Slate project was revealed. They are the only ones from all the inhabitants of the ship who have taken the positions of members of the Council of Elders, caught this moment in their lives! History was made here and now! The author of the secret project Blank Slate was Mandalore the Ultimate himself. By his order, in secret from everyone, this huge ark ship was created, which was called the Empress. A perfect, completely autonomous space system, assembled from 6 Kandosii-type dreadnaughts, which were connected together in the form of a hexagon, was a kind of artificial planet created to save the race of true Mandalorians - the Taungs. The ship was minimally armed, because its main purpose was to create complete autonomy for a long journey between galaxies and survival. Initially, the ship's entire fleet consisted of 100 Basilisk war droids, 10 Jehavey'ir-type assault ship, and 20 Shaadlar-type troopship. A ship of a closed type, in which for thousands of years the life of the crew could not only be supported, but also ideal conditions were created for the reproduction and preservation of all living things. The space system Empress is a huge and ambitious project, which turned out to be not only functional, but also very beautiful.

  The chancellor at this time also reminisced. He recalled an ancient legend that told of the first unsuccessful attempt to fulfill the original Mission on the planet Xenu, in which, according to records, 5 assault ships, 11 troopship and 73 basilisks were irretrievably lost. The original Mission was a complete failure. After this failure, it was not possible to return to the native Galaxy; there were no routes in hyperspace. But the ancients knew what they were getting into. It was then that the Elders decided to move at maximum speed towards the planet KS1307, which the locals call Nau-ten. What's the name? - thought the Chancellor - What if our Mission, like the original one, fails? What then? Shall we fly to another planet? Yes, it would be better if they flew right away, everything is clear, stable, balanced and even, this ship is, in fact, our home, entire generations of our ancestors were born and died here, but we had such a fate ...

  Walking thoughtfully through the intricate corridors of the ship, they entered the Master's hall. It was a huge room with high ceilings, the walls of which from top to bottom were occupied by shelves and boxes under combination locks. There were tools on the shelves, and parts were stored inside the boxes. In the center of the hall stood two dismantled landing craft. Two teams of the Master's subordinates were undergoing another training session on assembling and disassembling the ship for speed. Trainings were held constantly in order to consolidate the skills. The Chancellor and the Admiral passed through the Hall of the Master and through a line of corridors entered the Hall of the Admiral. This hall housed training weapons and models for improving combat skills. At that moment, the Admiral's subordinates were training to disassemble and assemble weapons.

-Once we were here every day too! the Chancellor said.

These necessary skills were instilled in us from childhood. Let's go to the Source, Chancellor, and we'll talk calmly there! The Admiral replied.

  Walking, they came to the center of the ship, called the Spring. A huge container, which was a spherical reservoir of water, was located in the center of the hexagon, in the form of which the Empress was designed. They approached the portholes, through which a stunning view opened up. The giant cistern of the Spring was filled with transparent ice, and in the center there was water in which fish swam and various algae grew. The breathtaking sight that opened before them through the huge central portholes was a closed water system, like a giant aquarium.

The source was filled with ice from the rivers of the planet Naos, in whose orbit the Empress was built. The tank was specially filled with ice in order to prevent the shell from breaking when the water freezes in outer space. The source was not only a supply of water, but also performed an important function - in its center there was a water nuclear reactor that provided energy and oxygen to the entire ship. Gradually, in the center of the Source, the ice turned into water. It turned out that along with the ice, different types of fish and algae were accidentally brought into the Spring, which thawed and created their own ecosystem.

For example, fish species such as Naos sharptooth and Bloat eel thrived in the Spring. The sharptooth was considered a delicacy throughout the old galaxy, and the Bloat eel was terribly poisonous and required special preparation. Cooking pufferfish for a fraction of a second more or less made this fish a deadly poisonous delicacy for which there was no antidote. But the Priest's subordinates learned this too. Plants and river flora developed in the reservoir. In fact, it was an enclosed sea with its own gravity and ecosystem. Both algae and fish were eaten by the inhabitants of the ship.

- Yes, we lived a measured life. Training, training, now it seems that this is in the past, the Chancellor said thoughtfully.

We've been waiting for this moment all our lives! This is our main mission! Generations of our ancestors only dreamed about it, not living up to this moment! And we have such a chance, we will make history! the Admiral said enthusiastically.

- We lived stably, and now there is one unknown ahead! Where are we going to get them this bridge? I have all the resources calculated! The number of crew, water, food, air is controlled! Everything counts! I don't have the resources to build this bridge, we have a closed system! The Chancellor replied.

- We need to come up with something! It is very important! the Admiral said.

- Yes, I know ... But where to get something that is not? Do not disassemble the casing? The 3 km bridge is no joke! Listen, what if we use multiple landing craft? Subordinate Masters will then be able to assemble them, by cubes, like a designer in childhood .. - asked the Chancellor.

- Risky! The flagship will remain practically defenseless, we will lose the fleet - the Admiral replied.

- You yourself reported that according to the data received, in the strait that separates the continents on this planet, there are some terrible creatures. And if suddenly they start attacking us, then we will be able to use laser guns as well - the Chancellor said thoughtfully.

- And if we lose several ships or all at once? This will be a complete failure! The Admiral hesitated.

- You same was on such enthusiasm! This is what we have all been waiting for! Maybe worth the risk? Moreover, there are simply no other resources for such a large-scale construction, the Chancellor replied.

Yes, I have been waiting for this for a very long time. You are right! It's worth the risk! We will provide cover with the Basilisks and arrange for a safe landing,” the Admiral agreed.

- Then I will immediately give the order to start dismantling ships and building a bridge! I will need terrain maps to design this bridge. I plan to use engines, and then we can lower and raise the bridge. It will be not only a crossing, but also a defensive landing ship, based on our 5! replied the Chancellor.

  Decided! Such is the way! Shaking hands with each other, they heard the voice of the Viceroy in their helmets, saying one word...

  During the described events, in the Hall of the Council of Elders, after the door closed in front of the Viceroy, the following happened.

  GAZE was silent, and the Viceroy went to the windows in the Hall of Elders and looked at such a distant and close planet Nau-Ten. “What is waiting for us there?” - thought the Viceroy. He was worried, although he tried not to show it. The silence dragged on, and the Viceroy realized that GAZE was once again analyzing the incoming and outgoing information from the planet. Something was clearly not right.

GAZE clearly learned something new, his long silence spoke for itself. This unnerved the Viceroy. Minutes turned into hours of waiting. Finally, the voice of GAZE sounded, he was completely different alone with the Viceroy:

“Vicar, I inform you that today’s meeting of the Council of Elders will be classified, regardless of the success or failure of the Path you have chosen! All 5 Elders - Chancellor, Priest, Admiral, Master and you, Viceroy - will represent our interests and try to establish contact with representatives of the planet Nau-ten! With luck, you have a Chance to get rid of your Burden! If something goes wrong, if one of you or the crew members dies, in no case should you even let the local natives get close to the corpses! Again! Aborigines must not touch the corpses of the crew under any circumstances! To prevent this, I allow you to use any weapon and destroy the source of the threat! Know if something goes wrong, your shift is ready! If you fail, new Elders will take your places, but they will not have access to this information! What was discussed at this council should be known only to those who attended it! Bring it to all the elders: whoever breaks the vow of silence will be instantly destroyed! I hear and see you! Always! ANYTIME!"

  GAZE fell silent and returned to its normal state, the doors of the Hall of Elders immediately opened. The Viceroy left the Hall thoughtfully, on the move switching the communication system to an encrypted channel available only to members of the Council, and said: "OMERTA!" This code word for a vow of silence did not bode well for those who heard it.