Release 09/22/2017

Custom Lego Predator Minifigure | Release

Hello Everyone! My name is Sergey, I am a devoted fan of both LEGO and Predator.

I have always dreamt to have Predator figure in my collection.

Surfing the net, I've come across several great custom works but I didn’t really like the quality. Soooo, I ve decided to make all the gear, weapons and equipment by myself. I focused on metal as the key material for my work not plastic, cuz Predators are obvioulsy badass and metal armor matches the style much better. All the accessories are made of Nickel silver, if you want to know more about it you can look the FAQ section on the site or click the links below. At first I ve made some accessories exclusively for myself, but when I ve posted some photos on instargam I found people really like my work and want get it too.

I wanted to make Predators perfect, so the release was delayed several times, but today is the day, and I m really excited about it! Of course this will be a limited edition. I just physically cant do a lot/ But now I can offer you accessories for Jungle Hunter, Bone Hunter and Wolf Predator.

All the details are perfectly matched to the standard lego mini-figures. I m not offering prints on the armor, for now, but hopefully it will be available later. Now you can order a full set of ammunition, as well as individual parts. If you want to purchase - welcome to You can review other predators in my other videos-links in the description. Thanks for whatching, like comment and subscribe? See ya! ///Any time///