Legendary Predators Yautja: Legend of Bone Hunter

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Fekk’larr, an elder class warrior with uncanny skills in fighting and hunting. Also a renowned scientist in the Predator world for breeding dangerous prey for hunting. He’s a skilled craftsman of armory and weapons. Instead of hanging his hunted trophies he makes weapons from parts of his hybrid preys and adapts it as part of his arsenal of trophy weapons. He does this to remind himself and others of the dangerous preys he has hunted and it’s a way of “showing off” his character and taste. This he does because of the appreciation of the art of dangerous prey. He does not want just some trophy but prefers to create different species to attain the prefect specimen for his trophy collection.

A Hunter Hunted.

He was once known for creating the most dangerous prey breeding on alien planets so that he and the others can hunt. He was part of a clan of advanced skill predators who was bored with naturally occurring prey and decided to create their own dangerous prey using xenomorph species as one of the breeding agents. This is of course was an old tradition approved by the Predator Elder council millennia’s ago for increasing the hunter’s greatness in hunting. Fekk’larr did the unorthodox and decided that, since the Predator species is the greatest of all hunters in the universe, to intentionally cross breed one of his greatest warriors with a xenomorph. He had known of an incident in Yautja history of Wolf hunting a hybrid and reports that Wolf, a great hunter with centuries of hunting experience, had failed to claim this exquisite prize.

Fekk’larr had successfully created another Predalien hybrid, this time from a high class hunter warrior’s bloodline, with increased danger factor. He had plan this centuries ahead to recruit his warriors, selecting them for a forbidden experiment rather for a thrill of the hunt.

Being the great warrior that he’s known for, he claimed this prize after a near death hunting expedition on a twilight planet (always stuck in dawn/sunset light). What he had done, though great, was a forbidden act against the Yautja code. He was brought in for trial by the council. Fekk’larr calls the entire council cowards and challenges their greatness in court. At last the Great Elder council decided that Fekk’larr himself a dangerous prey and he will be hunted down for his heinous act of going against Yautja council and the code of the Hunt. Fekk’lar was found guilty and his punishment is death by hunt: an honorable way to die as to be hunted like prey. They released him to get a head start and in one Yautja day the hunt would begin.

Fekk’larr now roams the universe in his own private ship creating dangerous cross breeds for him to hunt while he is hunted by his own. He breeds, he kills and he hunts for bones. They call him the Bone Hunter!

Original Concept by Mike Loh