Legend 9 Universe 1378 Yautja FanLore, FanFiction by BrickPredator

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Legend 9 Universe 1378 Yautja FanLore, FanFiction by BrickPredator

Long ago in one of the numerous Galaxies, a huge, fully autonomous interstellar ship under the banner of Mandalore was finishing its long journey, arriving at its destination. For the first time in several hundred years, the Council of Elders was convened. For all the Elders, this event was the first time in their lives, except for a permanent and irremovable member of the Council - an on-board computer with artificial intelligence, programmed by Mandalore the Ultimate, the Great Shadow Father ...

... and even what cannot be, one day everything can - to happen...

"We know everything about them! We can make contact!" The admiral's enthusiastic voice echoed several times around the circular Elder Council Hall until silence fell.

In normal times, only one of those present, the Viceroy, had access to the Hall. Other participants were allowed here only during the convening of the Council. The large round Hall of the Council of Elders was designed in such a way that anyone speaking, even in a low whisper, would be perfectly audible to everyone present. Stunning acoustics was achieved not only by the semicircular vaults of the hall, but also by a specially processed and polished mineral on the floor, which amplifies any sounds. This dark blue mineral was mined on one of the planets of the Old World and specially delivered to the ship for the decoration of the Council Hall. The huge panoramic porthole opposite the single door still gaped with the blackness of boundless space. There was nothing in the hall but a large round stone table and five chairs around it. In the center of the table was an armored crystal hemisphere filled with a special gas to create ideal conditions for the flagship's "heart and brain" to work. The gas inside the sphere sometimes changed color, mimicking the "mood" of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence, also known as an on-board computer and navigator, did not have the right to vote in the Council of Elders, did not make decisions, but had a certain undeniable power and even its own name: GAZE.

Possessing incredible power, GAZE did not interfere in the life of the ship's crew and its passengers. Formally, GAZE was subordinate to the Viceroy, technically, it was not subordinate to anyone. Keeping the ships in good working order with the help of numerous mechanic droids was his first priority - important, priority, but not the main one. The main task of the GAZE was known, but they preferred not to mention it once again ...

Four chairs at the table were occupied. The fifth, free chair with a confident gait was occupied by the Admiral who had just entered - the Council of Elders was in full assembly. The elders wore identical sets of armor made of noble metal with a black sheen. The helmets completely hid their faces and differed only in the color of the faceplates around the T-shaped visors. The color of the front plates denoted the title and position held.

On the helmet of the First of the Council of Elders, who bore the title of "Viceroy", there was a plate of gold color. The Viceroy was responsible for making crucial decisions throughout the mission.

On the Priest's helmet was a green plate. The priest was responsible for the canonicity of the Knowledge entrusted to him and the general psychological mood of the crew and passengers.

The Chancellor's helmet was decorated with a white stripe. The chancellor was responsible for the economy and distribution of resources. The Admiral's helmet was adorned with a bright red plate.

The admiral was responsible for weapons and the army. The Master's helmet had a bright blue stripe.

The master was responsible for health, education and the preservation of acquired knowledge.

All five: Viceroy, Priest, Chancellor, Admiral and Master, made up the Council of Elders. The decisions of the Council of Elders were not challenged and had no retroactive effect. It was impossible to overturn the decisions of the Council of Elders. The decisions concerned absolutely everyone: the crew and passengers.

Everyone silently looked at the Admiral, who lowered the storage device in the form of a crystal ball into a special compartment on the table. Above the receiving compartment was a faded, almost completely erased, but still noticeable inscription “either find a way or pave it yourself.” The ball contained all the information received during the observation period. Having taken the ball into its depths, GAZE began to process the information. The admiral took his seat. Finally the silence was broken.

"I understand, but I don't share your enthusiastic optimism, Admiral..." The Priest's voice was serene. What he was saying was clear from the corresponding gestures - the speaker joined his fingers together - "... and I condemn your intemperance. The current information is now known only to you and the Viceroy. We must make informed decisions, not only the success of all our missions, but also our future fate depends on this . Therefore, let's go in order, we will present to the Council in sequence all available information."

Putting the tips of his fingers together, the Master took the floor and spoke:

“Many years ago, our ancestors decided to head for the planet KS-1307 in the constellation Gusset Square – it should be noted that all those present knew the history of their Ancestors, but to say it part of the Ritual so that the GAZE realizes that those present are of sound mind and understand what is at stake, therefore the decisions they make will be the chosen Way.

The Master continued: Of all 227 potentially habitable planets discovered by our scientists at that time, this was not chosen by chance "Our ancestors established not only the signs of intelligent life on this planet, but also the presence of a comfortable habitat that is completely suitable for us. 44 years ago, the flagship reached the point of line of sight of the planet.

The Viceroy decided to send reconnaissance droid corps for contact observation and route planning in hyperspace

So, What do we know about the planet KS-1307 at the moment, the planet is located in the habitable zone of the star KS-13, our scientists named it "Farus". This is a red supergiant whose life stage will be calculated in the near future. The length of the planet's equator is 50452 kilometers. The main area of ​​the planet is occupied by water. A huge ocean occupies almost the entire surface of the planet. Only 15% of the total area is occupied by two continents located very close to each other. In the place of maximum proximity to the continents, there is a strait approximately 3000 meters wide. One mainland is located in the northern hemisphere of the planet, covered with numerous forests and mountains, the second mainland is located on the equator, but this is not a desert, rather humid tropics, impenetrable jungle. A year on the planet is equal to two standard years of the stellar measurement system. The axis of the planet is stable, there are no sharp seasonal fluctuations. Only during the passage of the Planet's perihelion (the point of the orbit closest to the local Sun) does the drifting glacier in the ocean begin to melt, and then the season of thunderstorms begins with numerous lightnings in the atmosphere. The planet is not only 100% habitable, the conditions can be called ideal for colonization - the climate and air composition are stable..."

The transparent hemisphere on the table suddenly turned red. This was how the GAZE made it clear to those present about its indignation. The Viceroy raised his index finger up, interrupting the Master : "We all know that planetary colonization is NOT the main goal of our mission."

"Quite right, Viceroy. I brought this fact to discuss the possible colonization of the planet by representatives of other intelligent races. We must take into account all options for the successful completion of the mission." - the Master calmly replied. The GAZE hemisphere became transparent again.

The Master continued: "... our Ancestors made detailed maps of the continents and here's what's interesting: traces of ancient, rather large buildings in the form of pyramids and walls, the purpose of which is not yet clear to us. The structures are obviously made artificially. Existing or vanished civilization. I give the floor to the Admiral."

The Admiral brought the tips of his fingers together and spoke: "That's right. It took 43 years for the reconnaissance droids to reach medium planetary orbit. The collection of data on the planet immediately began and a route was laid in hyperspace. As soon as a safe route was laid, reconnaissance corps went into orbit for contact observation. The observation was carried out by two corps: the first observed the northern mainland, the second - the southern one.

The first received data confirmed that the planet KS-1307 is not only inhabited, there are also intelligent life forms on the planet!" The members of the Council of Elders looked at each other and nodded their heads approvingly. "The intelligent inhabitants of the planet are bipedal protein creatures, humanoid type. They have two arms and two legs. head with incomprehensible processes, we called them dreadlocks. Their appearance is rather unpleasant: adults on the front of the head have mandibles-fangs, which enhance the disgusting appearance. They are quite primitive in their development, they are kept by communities, clans. Agriculture is not known to them, although they eat some fruits. The main diet is meat. they get it by hunting. The cult of hunting is very strongly developed in all clans. They know fire and, oddly enough, electricity. However, they do not know the wheel. Based on this, we assume that there was another civilization on the planet earlier."

"Are they mortal?" asked the Priest. "Yes."

"How do you know such details, Admiral? You didn't make direct contact, did you? Why did you decide that they are reasonable?" - Asked the next questions the Priest.

"We did not make direct contact with them, guided by the directive of the Council of Elders. All observations were made from orbit and on the ground by scout droids, covertly. Many of the creatures themselves die in the hunt. Also, in case of sudden aggression in case of possible contact, we checked the capabilities of our weapons - the droids killed about a dozen lone hunters with blasters” .

"This could harm a potential contact," the Priest exclaimed.

"No, everything was done without witnesses, besides, the local beasts quickly tore up the corpses without leaving a trace. The creatures are a kind of symbiosis of arthropods, reptiles and mammals. They communicate with each other. The language of creatures is quite primitive, but also complex at the same time. According to our assumptions, this is not only a set of sounds at different frequencies, but also smells ... "

"Smells? Smell communication?" The Master held up a finger, interrupting the Admiral's speech. "Yes. They have a highly developed sense of smell. They are born hunters. We have deciphered the set of sounds and I am sure that we will be able to communicate with them ... "

The master raised his finger again, interrupting the Admiral: "Tell me in more detail, for example, how do they call themselves and their planet?"

The Admiral calmly replied:

"They call their planet Yau -ten which means "Home planet" or "our lands" or "our territory" or "land of Yau". Using different frequencies, the sound "Yau" can mean different concepts, this is "I", "you", "he", "she", "we", "clan member", "hunter" everything that concerns the designation of ourselves. At the same time, there are divisions, for example: Creatures living on the northern mainland call themselves Yaudoo, which literally means "hunter of the cold." The creatures living on the southern mainland call themselves Yautza, which literally means "heat hunter". And interestingly, in the process of observation it turned out that the color of the blood of the creatures is different. Yaudoo (Northern) blood color is bright blue, Yautza (Southern) blood color is bright yellow. There are also differences in the coloration of creatures, we assume that these differences are somehow related to adaptation or adaptation to climatic conditions. Living beings. They reproduce by classical mating between a female and a male.

They live in clans with a rigid hierarchy within the clans. Every clan has elders. Under the control of the elders, the whole life of the clan. They live by hunting. When hunting, they use the simplest types of weapons: spears, bow and arrows, throwing darts and knives..." "Hmm... Yaudoo.. Yaudza.. the same language...

I wonder if they know about each other's existence on different continents? - asked the Deputy

Admiral replied: "Yes, they know"

"Why don't they unite together? The distance of the strait is small, but it can be crossed. Or these ... Yau .. hunters do not know how to swim?" - the Priest reasoned aloud.

"They are excellent swimmers." - answered the Admiral. "What is the problem then to move from mainland to mainland?" - the Master Admiral asked in bewilderment slightly lowered his head :

"Water. It occupies most of the planet. The ocean is deep and teeming with unknown reptiles. During the observation period, two Hunters fell into the water of the strait. One accidentally, chasing prey, stumbled on the edge of a cliff. The second intentionally, apparently trying to move to another mainland during the "mudroo" period. Both instantly perished in the seething abyss. Some underwater creatures instantly tore them apart. Smooth water is deceptive"

"Admiral, do not forget that now you know more than us" - literally threw up the index finger Priest - "What is the period "mudroo"?

"Mudroo - answered the Admiral - a special ritual of the Hunters. I'll try to explain. Sometimes, in some clans, it happens that mostly females remain in the clan. Males either die on the hunt or ... this issue is not fully understood, perhaps there are simply more females born in a certain clan. Then the period "mudroo" is announced - the females go hunting. Strange mating games. At this time, if one of the Hunters catches a Hunter from another clan, then he goes to the clan of the female. If the Female is caught by the male hunter, then they have the right to form a new clan, where this pair will be the elders. The process is complex, the hunter must be very experienced to catch the female. He should go around her from behind and hug her with his arms. It's very difficult. Females just do not let themselves be caught, knowing that during the hunt they themselves become prey. It's almost impossible to get behind them. The ritual is not fully understood, as the "mudroo" period does not occur that often. During the observation period, this "marriage" ritual was announced only twice." ! The sphere in the center of the table turned from transparent to milky white. This meant that the information on the carrier was processed.

"GAZE, announce the verdict of the analysis of the data received!" It is not clear from where an emotionless voice with metallic notes said:

“The data received has been analyzed. The inhabitants of the planet are suitable for contact and transfer of your Burden."

All five in the hall breathed a sigh of relief.

"Let's vote! - said the Viceroy - who is in favor of making contact immediately?"

The Admiral and the Chancellor raised their right thumbs up, which meant "Yes".

The Priest and Master lowered their right thumbs down, which meant "AGAINST" Each had their motives for such a decision and this was not discussed. Responsibility for a collective decision again fell on the Viceroy. "Let's not rush, repeating the past will cost us too much - the Viceroy got up from the table and went to the porthole. Looking at the planet, he reasoned aloud: "Yau-ten... Yautza.. Yaudoo....

We will give you what you need. We will do everything for the success of the mission. And everything to free us from the Burden taken by our ancestors "Chancellor, mobilize resources! We will build a bridge for them! After such a gift, they will gladly accept our other proposals. This is the way!"

The other members of the Council repeated after the Viceroy with one voice: "This is the way!"