Bio-Mask Bone Hunter Predator PLAST (DT)


⚠️ For the bio-mask to work correctly,
you will need a scalp (link)
or a minifigure with a scalp (link)

Bio-Mask Bone Hunter Predator

According to legend, this is the true form of the Aztec predator mask.

t is made from the bones of the ferocious and terrible monster Danoonaher,

whose existence Yautja discovered accidentally while exploring new hunting

grounds in the planetary system of paired stars in the zone of oblivion near the Great Attractor.

Danoonaher could not be killed by any means or weapon. Many hunters were devoured by monsters.

Everything changed during the epic pair hunt of Bone and Aztec Predator,

who defeated him with cunning and an elaborate trick. In all characteristics,

the mask made from the bones of this monster is superior to all other masks,

making the hunter virtually invulnerable.

please note: bio-masks only work in conjunction with the scalp

minifigures are equipped with a printed scalp


Answers to the most frequently asked questions can be found in the FAQ section

1 pc. + Bio-Mask Bone Hunter PLAST (DT)

Minifigure & dreadlocks (scalp) not included.

Attention, separately bio-masks do not work. Only paired with a scalp.

  • Material: ABS (resin)
  • Color: Dark Tan
  • Weight: ~ 0.82 gram

Recommendations for care:

⚒ This accessory is made of ABS (resin).

Don't scratch it. Do not expose to heavy loads. For self-coloring in various ways it is better to use acrylic paints.

for fans of the movie "Predator" and the universe of AvP

⚠️ Limited Edition:

I reserve the right to stop manufacturing at any time.

This is NOT a Toy!

There are sharp details, be careful.

How and from what it is made?

I used metal ejection molding techniques for every element. I use Nickel Silver as the main material for all gear and weapons. Learn more about this type of metal following the link from Wikipedia. This type of metal is used for producing coins in many countries across the globe. Scalp with dreadlocks made of latex.

Delivery terms:

Ship Worldwide - fixed cost 15 USD

Each parcel is assigned a track number that can be tracked on the website:

Delivery will take time, please be patient.

Return and exchange:

This type of product is not returned or exchanged and is not covered by the warranty. However, if you are not satisfied with the purchase for any reason, "BrickPredator" gives you the opportunity within 3 days after receiving the goods to replace it or return it. Payment for return shipping is borne by the buyer.
Having received from you an application for return of goods and receipt of the goods themselves, we undertake to return your funds without taking into account the cost of delivery. Before shipping, I check all the goods personally and take a photo-video recording of what exactly I am sending and in what condition.

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